We offer undergraduates the opportunity to major or minor in music, affording students across the university access to first-rate faculty and providing performance opportunities in a wide range of ensembles. Our graduate programs in composition, musicology, ethnomusicology, and music theory have produced leading scholars and award-winning artists.

Upcoming Performances

Penn Wind Ensemble

Apr 4, 2020 at - | Irvine Auditorium, 3401 Spruce Street

The Department of Music is pleased to present the Penn Wind Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Michael Ketner.

Daedalus Quartet: Exploring Migration Through Music

Apr 4, 2020 at - | ARCH 208 Auditorium, 3601 Locust Walk

  World Premiere // Philadelphia Premiere This performance takes place in the Arts, Research and Culture House (ARCH) 208 Auditorium, 3601 Locust Walk.  

Penn Chorale

Apr 5, 2020 at - | St. Mary’s Church, Hamilton Village, 3916 Locust Walk

  The Department of Music is pleased to present the second performance of Penn Chorale under the direction of Chorus Master and Conductor, Elizabeth Braden.   Program