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Performance Mission Statement

The Penn Department of Music is committed to providing opportunities for students of all backgrounds and experiences to develop their musical skills and contribute to the life of the Penn community through ensemble participation, private lessons, and the presentation of public concerts. The Music Department is also committed to incorporating academic knowledge—musical and otherwise—into the preparation of performances to create historically informed, contextually rich, and artistically meaningful experiences for performers and their audiences. Our goal is to invite students to participate in activities that provide frameworks for musical and intellectual growth, self-expression, and a sense of mental well-being.

Director of Performance Statement

The core curricular mission of the Department includes a belief in the abiding value of musical performance for all undergraduates. To that end, Penn's Department of Music sponsors a wide range of professional and student performance activities in a wide variety of musical traditions that are open to all members of the university community. The Department also enjoys a long association with the performance of new music, boasting among its faculty some of America's most highly regarded composers. Finally, one of the distinguishing features of the Penn music program is the unique ways in which students can combine, to different degrees, their performance experience (whether as soloists or within ensembles) with the academic study of music (its history, theory, and social contexts). 

The Marian Anderson Performance Program (MUSC 0100A and B) offers a special program of instruction in vocal and instrumental solo music performance for music majors and minors. MUSC 0110 is the group verson of the same program.

For non-music majors and minors, the Blutt College House Music Program offers subsidized private lessons and coachings (for half a credit, see list of instructors). MUSC 0070 allows you to participate in one of our ensembles, for half a credit. 

Whether you are interested in attending a concert, participating in one of our ensembles, or taking private lessons, we hope you enjoy all that Penn has to offer. 

Dr. Michael Ketner
Director of Performance