Sophia Cocozza


First Year Graduate Student in Music Studies: Historical Musicology

103, Music Building

Sophia Cocozza is a Ph.D. candidate in Music Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research sits at the cross-disciplinary intersections of sound, performance, and materiality, with a particular attention to issues of gender and disability. Her research builds on museum studies and experience working in galleries and public art spheres. This concentration in museum work has developed in tandem with training in early music and archival work. Sophia’s current research explores sound art. She considers how notation, gesture, touch, and community voicing inform interpretations of sound by artists of various backgrounds. Accessibility lies at the heart of her scholarship and shapes her approach to visual and sonic artistic disciplines.

Sophia holds a B.A. in Music, English & Art History from Boston College and an M.A. in Music from Tufts University where she completed a thesis titled, “Listening Otherwise.” Sophia is the recipient of research fellowships including Boston College’s University Fellowship Committee Advanced Study Grant and the Tisch Library Graduate Fellowship in the Arts and Humanities.