The Music Department is a community of creators and thinkers who explore worlds of music, sound, and performance. Students learn to make and engage with a wide range of music and sonic cultures, from medieval songs to viral TikToks, from birdsongs to electronic music. We offer a music major and two minors, and students from across the university have access to first-rate faculty and to performance opportunities in a wide range of ensembles. In our undergraduate courses and ensembles, we aim to provide an integrative context within which performance is seen as an integral part of our academic pursuits. Our graduate programs in music studies (musicology, ethnomusicology, theory) and composition are known for fostering creativity and rigor, thanks to the high degree of interaction and collaboration among students and faculty. We also listen to and engage with the vibrant cultural lives of Philadelphia, seeking to foster relationships with the wider communities in our city. We welcome you to join our ongoing dialogues and performances as we continue to explore the world of music and sound.