Course Requirements for the flexible MUSC minor (6 Courses):

MUSC1700 Required– Introduction to Theory and Musicianship.  (1 c.u.)
When students demonstrate they have mastered skills of MUSC1700,  MUSC 2700, Theory and Musicianship I (1.5 c.u.),  can be substituted.  Both Music 1700 and 2700 fulfill the Formal Reasoning and Analysis Foundational Requirement for the College—Note: MUSC 2700 slots as ONE elective course even though it carries 1.5 c.u.   The MUSC minor requirement is six courses, NOT six c.u.’s.

ELECTIVES: (5 additional MUSC courses):
Students may choose any MUSC course rostered through the department and taught by Music department faculty to fulfill remaining course requirements.  Examples of courses can be found here.

NOTE: Students may complete both the flexible MUSC minor and the Jazz and Popular Music Minor.  Students pursuing both minors can double count only ONE course (i.e., students who pursue both minors will take at least 11 music courses).



  • Courses with section number 401 require approval of the undergraduate chair.   
  • Performance courses MUSC0050 and 0070 will NOT count toward MUSC minor requirements.
  • Students may slot only ONE unit of Music 0100 (1 c.u.) or Music 0110 (1 c.u.).  Additionally, students can slot only ONE unit of MUSC3660 (1 c.u.) toward minor elective requirements.  
  • Credits transferred from other institutions through XCAT or Study Abroad programs must be evaluated and may count toward ONE elective minor requirement.  
  • Music minors must receive a grade of C or above to satisfy requirement (courses with grades of C- or below will not count). Further, the student must have a minimum 2.0 GPA for all courses taken towards the major or minor.
  • Students declaring a Music Minor should log into Path@Penn and complete a Declare/Update Field of Study request form. Questions regarding the Music Minor should be directed by email to Adara: adarajo@sas.upenn.edu