In this flexible music Minor the student may choose any History, Theory, or Ethnomusicology course offered through Department taught by Music faculty to fulfill five electives. Music 007 or Music 005 will NOT meet elective requirements. NOTE: you can combine this minor with the Jazz and Popular Music Minor. Students who wish to pursue both minors can only double count ONE course (i.e., students who pursue both minors will take at least 11 music courses).


Course Requirements: A total of 6 courses (not c.u.'s).

Music 070 – Theory and Musicianship I  (1 c.u.)

(If a student demonstrates they have mastered Music 070 material, Music 170 will be substituted for this requirement; please note that Music 070 and 170 fulfill College Formal Reasoning and Analysis Foundational Requirement)  


Five Music Electives (meaning: 5 courses, not 5 course units)

The student may choose ANY History, Theory, or Ethnomusicology course offered by the music department (taught by Music department faculty--excludes crosslisted courses) to fulfill remaining course requirements. See, for example, our Introductory courses and the Course Catalogue.

Crosslisted courses (courses with section number 401) require approval of the undergraduate chair. Among performance-related courses, Only one unit Music 010 (1 c.u.) or Music 011 (1 c.u.), and Music 236 (1 c.u.) will count toward the minor. Additionally, only one credit transferred from another institution may count toward minor requirements.  

Music 007 [Ensemble Performance] or Music 005 [College Music Program] will NOT be accepted towards minor course requirements.

Music minors must receive a grade of C or above to satisfy requirement (courses with grades of C- or below will not count). Further, the student must have a minimum 2.0 GPA for all courses taken towards the major or minor.


How to sign up for the Music Minor

SAS Students interested in declaring a Music Minor should add Music as a minor on their academic worksheets.  Students outside of SAS can create a SAS (separate from their home school) academic worksheet listing a music minor.  Once this process is complete, please send an email both to Mauro Calcagno (Undergraduate Chair) and to Margie Smith Deeney (Undergraduate Coordinator).  If you have questions or need direction in creating a worksheet, please contact Mrs. Deeney, who will guide you through the process.