Music 007 Ensemble for Credit

The Department of Music, in collaboration with the School of Arts and Sciences and the Student Activities Council, sponsors a wide range of performance activities that allow students to refine their musicianship in enjoyable and challenging ensembles. These ensembles, directed by leading professionals in the Philadelphia area, are open to all students, faculty, staff, and community members by audition and include: Penn Arab Music Ensemble, Penn Baroque and Recorder Ensembles, Jazz Combos, Opera Scenes, Penn Chamber, Penn Collegium Musicum (formerly Ancient Voices), Penn Flutes, Penn Samba, the Penn Symphony Orchestra, the Penn Wind Ensemble, the University Choir, and the University Choral Society.

Undergraduate students may elect to receive credit (0.5 credit/semester as MUSC 007) for their participation in these professionally-led Department ensembles.  If you wish to register for MUSC 007, upon the successful completion of an audition, please inform the director of your ensemble that you wish to be registered for credit, and s/he will inform the Music Department.  At that time, the Music Department will register you for the course.

Please Note:

At this time, the Music Department will only begin to issue permits for the Fall 2019 semester when the directors of the respective ensembles have provided us with a list of students who are eligible to receive credit in that semester. This will occur during the first week or two of the spring semester. Thank you.