Jazz and Popular Music Minor

Our Interdisciplinary minor in Jazz and Popular music studies is intended for students who wish to integrate their interest in music in the contemporary world and in academically-based community service as a form of learning. This minor is also for music majors who wish to include knowledge of jazz and popular music performance into their degrees.

NOTE: you can combine this minor with the other Music Minor. Students who wish to pursue both minors can only double count ONE course (i.e., students who pursue both minors will take at least 11 music courses). Finally, ONLY ONE credit transferred from another institution may count toward minor requirements.


Total Required Courses: Six (6 c.u.)

I. Core Courses (2 c.u.):

All students are required to take two from the following Core minor courses: 

Music 035 – Introduction to Jazz (crosslists: AFRC077)

Music 044 – Introduction to Popular Music

Music 050 – Intro to World Music and Cultures


II. The remaining courses should be selected from the list below (4 c.u.): 

Music 047 – "What's my Song"

English 054 – Sounding Poetry:  Music and Literature

Music 070 – Making Sense of Music

English 081 African American Literature

Communications 123 – Communication and Popular Culture

Music 135 – Introduction to Musical Life in America

Sociology 137 – Sociology of Media and Popular Culture

Music 150 – Introduction to Ethnomusicology

Music 235 – Studies in African American Music (Crosslist: AFRC147)

Music 257 – Caribbean Music and Diaspora (AFRC258, FOLK259, LALS 258)

Music 258 – Music of Latin America, Carribbean and Hispanics in the U.S. (crosslists: FOLK158, LALS158)

English 274 – American Musical Theatre

Music 275 – Electronic Music

Music 277 – Recording Music

Music 350 – Seminar in Ethnomusicology


PLEASE NOTE: One course unit of instrumental or vocal performance courses (see list below) may count toward minor requirements. The course may be counted once toward ONE of the four  elective courses: 

Music 007 – Ensemble Performance (.5 c.u. per semester)

Music 010 – Marian Anderson Performance Program (.50 cu per semester) 

Music 011 – Marian Anderson Group Performance

SAST 104 – Beginning Tabla  (1 c.u .)

SAST 105 – Indian Musical Performance  (1 c.u.) 

SAST 106 - Tabla II (1 c.u.)

SAST 107 - Indian Musical Performance: Intermediate (1 c.u.)