We offer undergraduates the opportunity to major or minor in music, affording students across the university access to first-rate faculty and providing performance opportunities in a wide range of ensembles. Our graduate programs in composition, musicology, ethnomusicology, and music theory have produced leading scholars and award-winning artists.

Upcoming Performances

Penn Baroque and Recorder Ensembles

Spring Concert
Apr 19, 2023 at - | Rose Recital Hall in Fisher-Bennett Hall, Room 419, 3340 Walnut Street

The Baroque Ensembles perform Baroque chamber music for instruments and solo voices. The members of this ensemble work in individual groups of 3 to 6 musicians for a full semester, focusing on style, ornamentation, interpretation, and ensemble technique. Closely linked to the Recorder Consort, which performs Renaissance consort music, frequently collaborating with players of other instruments.

The Penn Arab Music Ensemble

Spring Concert
Apr 20, 2023 at - | Bodek Lounge in Houston Hall, 3417 Spruce Street

This performance is a window into the Arab world - a vast geographical region between the Atlantic Ocean and the Persian/Arabian Gulf. The Penn Arab Music Ensemble, directed by Hanna Khuri, will present popular songs from the Arab world.

TAK Ensemble

In Performance
Apr 20, 2023 at - | Annenberg Center, Harold Prince Theater, 3680 Walnut Street

Regarded as “one of the most prominent ensembles in the United States practicing truly experimental music” (I Care If You Listen), TAK delivers energetic performances "that combine crystalline clarity with the disorienting turbulence of a sonic vortex” (The WIRE), and “impresses with the organicity of their sound, their dynamism and virtuosity” (New Sounds, WQXR).