How to Sign Up

How to sign up for lessons

  1. You can access the roster of instructors and the online application form here.
  2. You should first contact an instructor from the list to arrange the lessons.
  3. Once you and an instructor have agreed to work together, complete the online application form.
  4. You must follow this procedure at the beginning of every semester in which you plan to take lessons.
  5. If you would like to take the lessons for credit (MUSC 0050), you will indicate that on the application. You must opt for hour-long lessons in order to register for MUSC 0050. Soon after the application deadline passes, The College will register you for the course, assuming you have signed up for hour-long lessons and have room for .5 cu's in your schedule. 

Students receive ten (10) lessons per semester.


All student application forms for the Fall 2022 semester must be completed by Thursday, September 8

All students must take their first lesson no later than Friday, September 23. Should you fail to meet with the instructor by this date, you will not be eligible for participation in the program this semester.


Private lessons in the Blutt College House Music Program are partially subsidized. The total cost of the lessons for the semester will appear on the student's Bursar Account.

Rates for our instructors are as follows:
$65 per lesson for 60-minute lessons ($650 for the semester); 
$27.50 per lesson for 30-minute lesson ($275 for the semester)