Lessons for Credit (MUSC 0050)

Students who sign up for private lessons in the College House Music Program have the option of taking those lessons for credit (MUSC 0050). In order to receive credit, students must sign up for hour-long lessons and will receive .5 cu per semester. The rates for hour-long lessons will still apply to students who receive lessons for credit.

MUSC 0050: College House Music Program (.50 cu)

 Private study in voice, keyboard, strings, woodwind, brass, percussion, and non-western instruments. Such study is designed to meet the artistic, technical, and/or professional needs of the student. Course requirements and assessment will be determined by the private instructor.

Private lessons in the College House Music Program cannot be taken Pass/Fail.


Students registering for MUSC 0050 must adhere to Add/Drop dates:

For the Spring 2024 semester, Course Selection Period (Add) ends Wednesday, January 31 (the deadline to apply for the program is 1/28/24). The 
Drop Period ends Tuesday, February 27.

In order to be registered for the course, students must complete the online application form by January 28, 2024 (no late applications will be accepted). Soon after this, the College of Arts and Sciences will register all students who have requested registration, assuming they have signed up for hour-long lessons and can fit a .5 cu course into their schedules. 

Students opting to take lessons for NO CREDIT will be registered for MUSC 0051 (0 cu's). This is for billing purposes only. You will not receive credit for lessons if you are registered MUSC 0051.

NOTE: If, for any reason, you are not able to be registered for MUSC 0050 by January 31, you will be required to petition through your school to add the course late. It is the student's responsibility to keep track of registration status for the course.

Students MUST arrange the lessons with a private instructor prior to returning their application.

Students wishing to register for MUSC 0050 must be sure to have .5 cu's available in their schedule to avoid registration issues.

All students signing up for the program (whether for credit or not) must take steps to remove any holds on their accounts that will prevent registration. Private instructors will be required to cease teaching any student with a hold that prevents registration.

Students withdrawing from the program must inform both their private instructor AND the Music Department in writing. Contact Dr. Ketner by email or call 215-898-8698.

Students withdrawing from the program must follow the procedures set forth by the College. Please refer to the College's website for the complete policy.
Students who elect to drop or withdraw from MUSC 0050 may continue to take lessons for no credit.

Withdrawal from the program does not lead to a refund of the lesson fees.

Please contact Dr. Michael Ketner if you have any questions.