Opera and Musical Theater Workshop, Baroque Ensembles, and Recorder Consort

November 15, 2023 (Wednesday) – 7:30 to 9:00 PM
Rose Recital Hall
Fisher-Bennett Hall, Room 419
3340 Walnut Street
Philadelphia PA, 19104

Join us for a night of music with the Penn Opera and Musical Theater Workshop as well as the Baroque Ensembles and Recorder Consort. The Opera and Musical Theater Workshop presents RESILIENCE, a celebration of perseverance and hope through song.

About the Opera and Musical Theater Workshop

The Penn Opera and Musical Theater Workshop presents performances of opera, operetta and musical theatre, providing singers and actors with the opportunity to perform exciting repertoire while developing singing, acting and stage movement skills. Each fall the ensemble presents an evening of scenes from stage works including opera, operetta, and American musical theater repertoire and is open to students of all abilities. The spring semester presents an opportunity to delve deeper into specific repertoire by presenting a fully staged production accompanied by an instrumental ensemble and taught in conjunction with a music department course. More information.

About the Baroque Ensembles and Recorder Consort

The Baroque Ensembles perform Baroque chamber music for instruments and solo voices. The members of this ensemble work in individual groups of 3 to 6 musicians for a full semester, focusing on style, ornamentation, interpretation, and ensemble technique. Closely linked to the Recorder Consort, and sharing performances and personnel with that group, the Baroque Ensemble’s performances are held in Rose Recital Hall. The Recorder Consort performs Renaissance consort music, frequently collaborating with players of other instruments. More information

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