PennMusic and the School of Arts and Sciences are pleased to present:


Penn Arab Music Ensemble


Hanna Khuri, music director

Hafez Kotain, percussion director


About the Program

Yalli Zara'tu-l Burtu'an (Those who planted the oranges) Composer: Mohammed Abdel Wahab (1901-1991). Poet: Bayram al-Tunisi

Lamma Bada Yathanna (When I saw my Beloved Sway) Composer: Attributed to Sheikh Muhammad 'Abd al-Rahim al-Maslub (1786 - 1895). Author: Unknown.

Nassam 'Alayna Al-Hawa (Blowing Breeze) Composer/Poet: Assi Rahbani (1923-1986) Masur Rahbani (1925 - 2009). Known as Brothers Rahbani.

Hamilul Hawa Ta'ibu (Weary is One Burdened with Passion) Composer: Brothers Rahbani. Poet: Abu Nawas (756 - 813).

Ein el Adra (Mary's Well) Composer/Poet: Maroun Ashkar (1931 - 2004)


Admission is free and open to the public