Winners of the 2024 Penn Music Composition Competition Announced

March 28, 2024

Each year, the Music Department invites Penn undergraduate and graduate students to submit original composition for the David Halstead Music Prize, Hilda K. Nitzsche Prize in Music, and Helen L. Weiss Music Prize. Entries are reviewed by Penn Music composition factually and winners are awarded $600 each. Congratulations to the winners:

David Halstead Music Prize: shared between Bruke Baraki for his final project from MUSC1270, Intro to Electronic Music Making and Grant Goodyear for "Dry Flowers"

Awarded for the best original musical composition, vocal or instrumental, submitted by a graduate or undergraduate student to the Department of Music.

Helen L. Weiss Prize: Cerulean Payne Passmore for "All That You Touch You Change II"

Awarded to a graduate or undergraduate student annually for the best vocal musical composition (any number of voices), with or without accompanying instruments. 

Hilda K. Nitzsche Prize in Music: Max Johnson for composition works throughout academic year 23-24

Awarded annually to one or more graduate or undergraduate students for excellence in a musical composition submitted during the year or for outstanding work in music during the academic year, or for an original and worthy composition of college music. Compositions must be submitted to the Department of Music.