Mary Channen Caldwell Promoted to Associate Professor with tenure

February 27, 2023

The Department of Music is thrilled to announce that Mary Channen Caldwell has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure. The department’s faculty, students, and staff all join in congratulating her on this milestone achievement.

Mary Channen Caldwell’s research on music in Europe ca. 1000-1600 engages with the complementary disciplines of historical musicology and medieval studies and is driven by interests in the cultural, ritual, textual, and material aspects of music and its production, reception, and transmission. Across her research and teaching, Caldwell employs methodologies that recognize the importance of notes on the page (incomplete as they are in premodern sources) while seeing these abstract reflections of music as part of complex systems of cultural meaning and history. While music is always at the core, her writing and teaching connect with a range of interrelated disciplines, including manuscript studies, gender studies, literary theory, theology and exegesis, liturgiology and hagiography, and dance and movement studies.

For more information about Professor Caldwell, visit her faculty page.