"Listening Through Art" featuring Carol Muller, Professor of Music in conversation with Ernesto Pujol

May 17, 2021

The third episode of The PARK podcast, “Listening Through Art,” features Ernesto Pujol, a site-specific performance artist and social choreographer based in Puerto Rico. And Carol Muller, Professor of Music (ethnomusicology) at Penn who has published widely on South African music both at home and in exile. The conversation delves into how art can help us better understand listening. Ernesto Pujol talks about his work choreographing The Listening Project, durational performance art pieces that put listening at the center of the practice. And Carol Muller shares her perspective, as both an ethnomusicologist and dual US/South African citizen, on how music can be a way to learn about and empower cultures that are underrepresented and marginalized. Join us as we learn about how art can catalyze wellness, connection, citizenship and dialogue by focusing in on listening and stillness.


Listen to the podcast episode here!


Photo Credit: Listen Carefully by Justin Lynham