Collegium Musicum performs "Mille Regretz" by Josquin des Prez

May 10, 2021

As soon as stay-at-home orders were implemented last spring 2020, the Music Department Ensembles shifted from in-person rehearsals to virtual ones. Despite being unable to hear the group’s collective sound, they continued rehearsing together and maintained a strong sense of community, supporting one another through a shared interest and passion for music.

After well over a year, some Ensembles were able to hold final rehearsals in-person and the Performance Office was able to document them!

In the first of our short video series is Collegium Musicum performs “Mille Regretz” by Josquin des Prez (in a parking garage!) under the direction of Meg Bragle. Translation of the piece is as follows:

A thousand regrets at deserting you
and leaving behind your loving face,
I feel so much sadness and such painful distress,
oh, how I wish you will see me my days briefly defined.