Kevin Laskey and Eugene Lew awarded Penn Sachs Program Awards for 2018-19

May 1, 2018

for composing and presenting new musical works - more here 

Kevin Laskey (Ph.D. candidate in Composition) will compose a new work (Almanac, an  Evening-Length Work for Classical Musicians & Improvisers) exploring myriad intersections of improvisation and formal composition, featuring nationally acclaimed performers Warp Trio (classical), the Kevin Sun Quartet (Jazz) and Variant 6 (vocal).

Eugene Lew, our Director of Sound & Music Technology, will present, for Musica Practica / Elettronica Viva, a series of electronic music performances, and ELECTRO-PYTHAGORAS, a film by Luke Fowler that presents an intimate and subjective portrait of the late Martin Bartlett: the Canadian electronic music pioneer, interdisciplinary composer, educator, and founding member of Western Front.