Juan Castrillon's (Ph.D. Candidate in Ethnomusicology) film selected by the Canadian University Music Society.

June 3, 2019
juan castrillon

The film will be screened during the film series of MUSCAN annual conference in Toronto this coming Wednesday,
5 June, Room 335 at 11:30 am. 

Rehavi (Timekeepers) is a short film about the drift of an old mechanical watch that is lost, found and circulated among different owners between Colombia, Turkey, and the United States.The film is a meta-commentary on the meaningfulness and value of Turkish Sufi music that is constantly lost in time, found, and reassembled. Even though the filmwas shot and produced during a fieldwork season in Istanbul it is hardly an ethnographic film. Rehavi is an audiovisual storytelling that intermingles narrative and interviews to produce a multimodal style of ethnographic writing on two central themes of Muslim spirituality in Anatolia: the holography between clocks and humans, and the refusal of an absolute time. The film opens a vignette to lesser-known dimensions of Anatolian audile worlds, and explores how contemporary Turks value Ottoman aesthetic traditions.