Private Lessons

Applications for the Spring 2024 semester are now available.

The application can be found here (link).

The Instructor List can be found here (link).

The deadline to sign up will be Sunday, January 28 at 5pm. No applications will be accepted late.


Lesson Options and Fees:

Students may elect to take 60-minute or 30-minute lessons. All students receive 10 lessons per semester. Only 60-minute lessons can be taken for credit (MUSC 0050). Lessons for all students are partially subsidized. The fees for the Fall 2023 semester (after the subsidy is applied) are as follows:

60-minute lessons:    $650 (whether enrolled in MUSC 0050 or not)
30-minute lessons:    $275 (not eligible for enrollment in MUSC 0050)

In cooperation with the Office of College Houses and Academic Services, the Department of Music at Penn offers those interested in pursuing private lessons the opportunity to study with the most highly acclaimed musicians in the region. The variety of instructors available to students through the Blutt College House Music Program assists students in finding a good match for their current skill level, and this whether they are just beginning to explore a musical instrument or are already accomplished musicians in their own right. All students may elect to take their lessons for credit (MUSC 0050). Declared music majors and minors may also choose to audition for the more rigorous applied music course in solo performance, the Marian Anderson Solo Performance Program (MUSC 0100A, B)—a course that requires juries and a rather more intensive engagement with the student’s instrument or voice part than is expected in Music 005.

Please note: Private lessons through the Blutt College House Music Program are available to undergraduate students only.