Penn “Flow” Chinese-Western Chamber Music Ensemble

Apr 26, 2020 at - | Rose Recital Hall in Fisher-Bennett Hall, Room 419, 3340 Walnut Street

Penn Flow

The Department of Music is pleased to present the second performance of Penn “Flow” Chinese-Western Chamber Music Ensemble under the direction of Bess Xintong Liu (刘心童) and Devin Dekang Liang (梁得康).


Program TBA


This event is free and open to the public.



Founded in Fall 2019, the Penn “Flow” Chinese-Western Chamber Music Ensemble is thrilled to stage its very first concert. The ensemble features an innovative orchestration that juxtaposes Chinese instruments such as erhu side-by-side with Western instruments such as the violin. In the very first concert, the ensemble is proud to present the following repertoire selected from a variety of Chinese music genres ranging from ancient guqin songs to contemporary Chinese pop.

Chinese Music Ensemble