Mary Caldwell's Recent Article Included in Special Issue of "postmedieval"

October 25, 2023

Professor of Music Mary Caldwell's recent article, "Dancing in silence in premodern Europe," has been included in “Legacies of Medieval Dance,” a new special issue of the journal postmedieval: A Journal of Medieval Cultural Studies. This issue is the most comprehensive collection of medieval dance scholarship to date. This exciting publication features medievalists and early modernists from diverse disciplines who place premodern dance into conversation with critical race theory, (post)colonial studies, medievalism, game theory, queer studies, choreographic reconstruction, and beyond. -- Kathryn Dickason

Caldwell's article "interrogates the relationship between dance and music in premodern Europe by focusing on moments when bodies move seemingly unaccompanied or unmotivated by audible music."  

Access Mary Caldwell's article, "Dancing in silence in premodern Europe" here

Access the postmedieval Issue, "Legacies of Medieval Dance" here