Ania Vu


Fourth Year Graduate Student in Composition


103, Music Building

Ania Vu was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1994 to a family of Vietnamese descent. She recently completed her Bachelors degree with distinction from the Eastman School of Music in composition and theory, and a minor in social psychology from the University of Rochester. Her composition teachers include prof. David Liptak, Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez, Oliver Schneller, Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon, and Robert Morris. Ania’s music has been performed in the United States, Vietnam, and South Africa. 

During her graduate studies, she wants to change her perfectionist mindset (which she finds can paralyze creativity at times) to a more open one that is more welcome to failures. She wants to learn to write faster and be bolder in her writing. So often she feels the need to study more scores and listen to more music before being able to write, but one way to improve one’s craftsmanship and musical imagination is to simply write more. Along the way, she is hoping to expand her range of expression, while still remaining authentic. 

Along the way, her strong belief in the idea of a musician being well-rounded has been motivating her to study different disciplines in music. She has been playing the piano for 18 years and has been performing the classical repertoire, as well as premiering new works of her composition peers. To her, composing and performing are equally important as one boosts the other. As a pianist, she won several prizes in national and international piano competitions in Europe. She has performed in the Royal Castle in Warsaw and three times in the Hanoi Opera House, from which once she performed as a soloist with the orchestra. Her music have received the Louis Lane, Bernard Rodgers and Belle Gitleman Awards from the departmental competition at Eastman, and an Honorable Mention from ASCAP Young Composer Awards. 

In the summer of 2015, she participated in the program “Music Inspire Africa” and along with six other musicians, travelled to Zimbabwe and South Africa for over two weeks to expose local students to classical music through performance and teaching. Besides music, she enjoys TedTalks, languages, museums, and became a recent enthusiast of ballroom and Latin dancing.