Bina Brody


Seventh Year Joint Graduate Student In Ethnomusicology and Anthropology.

103, Music Building

Bina Brody is a joint PhD candidate in ethnomusicology and linguistic anthropology. Her research lies at the intersection of language and music, asking how they influence and shape each other in public performances. Her dissertation project centers on Senegalese wrestling matches, specifically the adaptation of traditional musical repertoires to the modern  sport. In her research, she asks how changing sensibilities and commercial considerations have reshaped these vocal and percussive practices. Questions of gender and caste roles, mysticism, and poetic performance also inform her analysis of the national sport. Her M.A. research focused on the music of African migrants in Tel-Aviv, and their negotiation of religious and political identity in musical performances.

Research Interests

West Africa, gendered musical practices, language and music, performance, ethnomusicology.