Encounter 初见: Penn “Flow” Chinese-Western Chamber Music Ensemble Concert

Nov 24, 2019 at | Rose Recital Hall in Fisher-Bennett Hall


Founded in Fall 2019, the Penn “Flow” Chinese-Western Chamber Music Ensemble is thrilled to stage its very first concert. The ensemble features an innovative orchestration that juxtaposes Chinese instruments such as erhu side-by-side with Western instruments such as the violin. In the very first concert, the ensemble is proud to present the following repertoire selected from a variety of Chinese music genres ranging from ancient guqin songs to contemporary Chinese pop. 


Featuring works:

Departure at the Yangguan Pass  阳关三叠

Qingping Yue—Spring Night at the Forbidden Garden  清平乐.禁庭春昼

Going Westward  走西口

Gada Meyiren 嘎达梅林

MA Shui-long 马水龙 Concerto for Chinese Bamboo Flute 梆笛协奏曲

JIN Ping 金平  Three Chinese Folk Songs 中国民歌三首

Jay CHOU 周杰伦  Chrysanthemum Terrace 菊花台

PENG Xiuwen 彭修文   Blossoming Flowers and Full Moon花好月圆

PENG Xiuwen 彭修文   Dance of the Yao People 瑶族舞曲


Admission is free and open to the public

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